So SJP section ko and I’m classmates with my 2 friends. Haha =)) I hate school. I hate Math. Last quarter my 2 friends were on the top and I wasn’t.. I was aiming to have good grades this 2nd quarter but nahhh, too late. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna fail Math -.- 😦 😦 I don’t want to. Pero grabe sobrang baba ng Summative Tests and Exam ko. Like I didn’t even pass 1 test. And then di pa ko nakapagpasa ng project!! Grabe. I’m so ashamed of myself. My dad’s so good in Math ba’t hindi ako sakaniya nag-mana 😦 I just wish na laging siyang andiyan so that he can tutor me. 😦 But ugh anyway I hope I can make bawi sa 3rd qtr. please! ;(



So It’s already September!! =)) haha sorry!!!! what was supposed to be an APRIL-MAY POST!! The night after the awarding, I added Anjo and we talked for a while. We also got to texting. Haha. He was so fun to talk to!! We would also meet at the Driving Range and go home and text eachother and fight cause y’know.. We didn’t really speak to each other. Haha. That was the first time cause it was awkward!! Several weeks came and the first batch of the Junior Golfers were invited to join some golf tournaments so yeah we joined.. The night before the first tournament, I sprained my ankle :(( but that didn’t stop me haha! Kuya Jeff, John, Anjo & I were on the same flight.. So yeah I sucked then the next tournament, We played with a guy from the 2nd batch, He was nice and he let me sit at the golf cart omg hahahahahahahhaaha =)) Anywho, We eventually became friends. T’was so fun even though I got ssssuuuuupppppeeeeeerrrrrrrr tan -_- haaaa 😦

S U M M E R W A S P R E T T Y G O O D ✌️💛

The rest of April

Sorry for not being able to update!!

So last April 20, We went to Kalsangi.. It’s a golf course. I was in Flight 1.. Probably because it was arranged by age and yeah I’m the second eldest 😂 so I was with Mikko and John. They seemed to know eachother so yeah there’s me.. Out of place. We were the first ones to tee off. I played well but I myself wasnt impressed 😦 I forgot my score haha! But damn. Mikko is so intimidating :/ =)) He’s actually a regular that’s why 😉

So the next Saturday, we were supposed to go to Saranggani (golf course) but my Dad had to leave for Ilo-Ilo because he had this ‘Mason’ thing. So I decided not to go because that would be boring and I want the driver to take some time off rather than just wait for me walk for like 9 holes. So I stayed home then it rained… Oh the rain! =))) The last day, The graduation/awarding.. We had to buy a token of thanks for our coaches so I just bought Coach Eto 2 V-Neck shirts. My dad and I arrived there early like 6pm sharp! I looked for my golfmates but they weren’t there yet so I just sat there with my Dad and gave my gift to Coach while Dad spoke to the owner of the driving range. When 6:30pm came.. A few people arrived now.. I already saw some of my golfmates so when it hit 7:00pm, the owner was the emcee so he called all the jungolfers to the driving range to have a few games. The “longest drive” “closest to the mat” and “putting” games. In the longest drive, you’re going to use the same driver as the others. So obviously, Mikko hit the farthest. Haha. But he didn’t join anymore. When it was already my turn, my palms kept sweating like cuhraaaazy.. And I didn’t have a glove so the first swing .. I didn’t hit the ball. So freaking embarrassing!! And the second one, I loved my swing. Hihi. Didnt bother checking where it landed tho. And the third, I sucked. So I actually felt really sad for that 😦 😦 In the nearest to the mat game, there’s a green mat on the 10th yard so who pitches the nearest.. Wins. Mine was actually near! But John’s was like an inch away to that. So yeah, sad. 😦 and yeah the putting game, I sucked. 😦 Aldwin and John played again for the tie-breaker. John won AGAIN! :> Lucky guy!! :((

So it was time for the awarding.. They were calling the winner for the games and I actually won the Longest Drive!! I did not expect that!! I wore a dress and flat shoes while the boys had more confortable clothes yet still I won! Haha! I was so freaking shocked and happy though! 🙂 so yeah.. Our certificates of completion were being awarded too. We also had our own jungolfers card. I’m pretty happy they decided to give us that than a t-shirt! Cause like hello!! We’re free to play in the Sarangani Golf Course, 50% Off on balls in the driving range and we’re allowed to join future JunGolf tournamentzzz 🙂 =))

So yeah, I’ve never seen my golfmates ever again. I must say, I miss waking up at 8:30 am and going to the driving range at 9 and always arriving late and I miss my golfmates.. I miss Coach Eto.. I miss evuhrythaaang.. Whenever I go to the driving range, It doesn’t feel right without them.. :/ =))

I actually wanted to know them better but whatevs, hope to see them again soon. 🙂



I like listening to music.. Now Playing: Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

Sooo this March 31.. I flew to General Santos City with my mom since I’m going to spend my summer there. I thought Daniel Padilla and I were on the same flight but we weren’t cause I rode Philippine Airlines and he was on Cebu Pacific :3 We arrived at 9 am and my dad fetched us. I was surprised to see my 3 little cousins inside the car din. Haha. I missed them so much so I was really reeeeeally happy.

So when we got home, I slept for awhiiiiile and then fooood hihi while eating lunch, My dad suggested that I take golf classes so I thought why not since I already joined jungolf when I was 7 years old so maybe I should continue and see what happens..

My dad enrolled me the next day (April 1) and There was an orientation in the afternoon.. So there were some jungolfers.. And yeah, We had to introduce ourselves and the rules said that your partner should introduce you so we were paired.. I was paired with this 9yearold kid named Bam Bam.. So He told me his name, I told him mine. We stood up cause it was already our turn.. We ended up just saying our own names =)) so we talked for awhile and apparently, he was on the afternoon class (2:30pm-4:30pm) and I was on the morning (9-11 am).. So yeah, I still have no friends.. 😦

The next 2 days.. Coach Eto taught us how to swing..(Coach calls me Almira which is like sooo annoying but whatevs) My swings were good.. Strong.. And the ball flew at 80-110 yards. Then the next few days, I started to suck.. The ball won’t fly, and it would only reach to 20-60 yards so I got really frustrated and there was one time that I teared up =))) but then I don’t wanna give up so yeaaaaah I continued and last week, my swings were great!! 🙂

So yeah, I have 7 golfmates (which means we’re 8 loool) and they’re all boys, There’s this guy there and I think his name ‘Anjo’ cause that is what I hear from the people calling him.. Looool. So yeah, He’s really good! I’m amaaaaaazed he can reach up to 200 yards already :O I idolise him!! :3

And there’s this boy.. I think his name is “Ty” cause that’s what I hear haha. Anyway, I asked him Who’s better? Messi or Ronaldo? And he answered “Messi” like it was such an obvious answer. Haha. I love Cristiano though 😉 so yeeeahp, upto this day I still have no friends there. But whatever, hope to make some soooon 😉 🙂